Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Please raise your coffee mug, tea mug, champagne flute, whateva' you be drinkin' this morning...

...for a beautiful Tuesday. 

I'm feeling less than lovey-dovey this morning, mainly for one reason that I'll explain later, as it is taking up so much of my mental well-being and I can't wait to be rid of it, so I am putting out in the world that today is going to rock socks. 

And it will. 

Have a beautiful day, beautiful people. 



*And now you know what I look like at 5:45 am, sick, and not having showered in I don't really want to share that information with the internet world. Insert {shameful face} here.


What are you drinking this morning? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Yippee Skippee

I'm excited!

And sick. I'm also sick. 

But mainly I'm really excited to be blogging again! Once I get all the little settings sorted out--get my blogging layout ducks in row--I'll be ultra happy. Not that I ever had a fancy pants blog to begin with, but it was nice that it was all layed (Is that wrong? It has a red squiggly underneath it, making me second guess that "layed" is even a word. Or laid. Laid?) out how I wanted it.  

Anyhoos, welcome back to Insert {Life} Here. I hope you're happy like I'm happy. I also hope you are healthy, like I am not. I'm uber happy to have a URL that is fitting with my blog name, because y'all who read before knew that I had my old blog's name in there, and that it was less than fitting. 

So on with the new, and some of the old. 

How are you all? Did you have a fabulous weekend? Did you do something incredibly fun? Do tell. 

First, I want to explain what this little bloggie-blog is about:


Narcissistic me.

No just kidding, kind of but not really. I mean, clearly, it's going to be about me since I am the blogger, but it's really about any and everything. It's about what we did this weekend, what is good in life, what is bad in life (hopefully not a whole lot).  It's about whatever I feel like talking about. If you know me, and even if you don't, you'll come to see what's a constant in my life: school, work, food and drinks, running, reading and writing, and lastly, as well as most importantly, my family (friends included in there). 

I love to blog because I love to write. I love to connect with people through written (typed) words. I also live away from my family and hometown friends, so blogging makes it incredibly easy to connect with those loved ones. 

And, as selfish as this sounds, I love to blog for me. It brings me pleasure. And I believe in being happy. I do what I can to make myself happy, and I want you to do what you can to make yourself happy. Only if we are happy can we make others happy, so let's all do that, k? Unanimous K! Woo. 

On a weekend note, I had an amazing weekend. 


Seeing friends and family in Roseburg.
Montgomery Gentry concert! Perfect. 
Bites of a very delicious pumpkin cookie, as well as a very delicious banana cake. I die. 
Busy, busy night at work on Saturday. Mamma's wallet likey. 
Sleeping in on Sunday. Especially because I don't feel 100%. 
Roomate's and I got a new washer! Yay no more trying to wash clothes five times in row because the washer doesn't wring out all the water. Not fun. 
McMenamin's Brewery on Thursday night. On a river. With a fireplace. 'twas beautiful and cozy. 
Getting a ton of garden fresh tomatoes from my mamma. They're on everything I eat. 


Ermm... I'd say just not feeling 100%. But I'm okay with it, because I need to literally make myself do nothing when I'm sick, and it is very good for me. I tend to be all over the place all the time, between school and work and more work and friends. I mean, all over, so it's nice the chill out. My body needs it. 

Not getting more than one of those fabulous pumpkin cookies! My friend and I both agreed that was a huge mistake. Why would I not buy a dozen? Why? We thoroughly enjoyed it sitting in his car after the Montgomery Gentry concert. And by thoroughly enjoyed, I mean we inhaled it faster than it deserved for being so delicious. 

Not taking pictures! Since I stopped blogging, I stopped taking pictures of every little thing I did. That's going to start again.

Have a happy Monday, friends. 

Tell me a highlight/lowlight from your weekend. ReadySetGo!